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WebSpeedy CMS

It's a new light cms designed to run on low-power ARM servers

This frame is studied to:

- Low CPU usage

- Low memory usage

- Very fast

- Small dimension on disk

What's the ECO friendly server?

The ARM server use a low voltage processor that generete a few hot.

This cmr is disigned tu run in the mini servers and cellular phones.

I have study this because this small servers don't need air conditioner.

I have think to the global warming and the ozone hole problem.
Why WebSpeedy ?

- it's very light and fast.

- it's easy and intuitive to use (you can edit the page directli on web)

- Use a multi level cascade templates (master, body and sub template).

- Have a floating template that fits o all the monitor size (PCs,tablets,phones)

- a different body template for every page with editable.
Other characteristics

- Support the multi language support for the contents (5 languages and auto translation).

- Integrated user management with permisions on forms and menù.

- support the input fields with email data sending.

- native support for paging and searching (for e-commerce).

- pay pal field. (experimental)

- native support for google maps field
On line documentation

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