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WebSpeedy CMS

It's a new light cms designed to run on low-power ARM servers

This frame is studied to:

- Low CPU usage

- Low memory usage

What's the ECO friendly server?

The ARM server use a low voltage processor that generete a few hot.
This processor is disigned tu run in the cell.phone and use the passive cooling.
They don't need air conditioner and don't cause ozone problem and limit the global warming.
Why WebSpeedy ?

- it's very light and fast.

- it's easy and intuitive to use (you can edit the page directli on web)

- Use a multi level cascade templates (master, body and sub template).

- Have a floating template that fits o all the monitor size (PCs,tablets,phones)

- a different body template for every page with editable.
Other characteristics

- Support the multi language support for the contents (5 languages and auto translation).

- Integrated user management with permisions on forms and menù.

- support the input fields with email data sending.

- native support for paging and searching (for e-commerce).

- pay pal field. (experimental)

- native support for google maps field
On line documentation

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